ScioDC #18: Data Storage, Archiving, and Sharing

UPDATE: Find a Storify recap of the event here.

We have officially entered the era of big data. According to one study, Americans now use more than 18 megabytes of online data every minute! For those in the scientific community, this trend extends to the laboratory, where an equally staggering amount of data is generated on a daily basis, ranging from time-lapse microscopy videos to genomic sequencing information to collection of climate data. How can this information be properly archived? Once archived, how can it be retrieved and shared in a timely and efficient manner? Who should have access to this data?

Join us at the next ScioDC event on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 6:00 PM for an in-depth discussion of data storage and archiving. We know firsthand the heartache of not backing up your livestreams. We will be joined by a panel of experts who deal with these issues as part of their daily jobs:

  • Jane Mandelbaum and David Brunton, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Library of Congress
  • Jeanne Behnke, Deputy Project Manager/Operations, NASA
  • Camille Salas, Digital Archive Product Owner, Research, Archives & Data Strategy, National Public Radio (NPR)
  • Will Boyd, Full Stack Developer, Research, Archives & Data Strategy, National Public Radio (NPR)
  • Dan Valen, Product Specialist, figshare

As always, we at ScioDC are all about open discussion, so come ready to be part of the conversation!


  • 5:30 Gather for food and mingling at the American Chemical Society
  • 6:00 Discussion starts
  • 7:30 It’s a wrap!

Eventbrite - ScioDC #18: Data storage, archiving, and sharing

And be sure to follow the ScienceOnlineDC (@ScioDC) organizers on Twitter:


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