ScioDC #17- Pre-prints, embargoes, and science publishing

UPDATE- The Storify from this event is available here!

Within the past decade, a new trend has emerged to challenge the traditional system of scientific publications. Research findings are increasingly being shared with readers directly online, bypassing the standard pathway of peer review, publication in journals, and press releases. A boon to some and a pox to others, this new approach has left unanswered several pertinent questions as to how scholarly communications will become more rapid, open, and accessible, while continuing to balance the priorities of authors, publishers, journalists, and readers.

At our next ScioDC event on Wednesday, January 11, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., we will discuss the intersection of pre-prints, embargoes, news releases, and journal publications, and examine how the scientific publishing industry is responding. Among some of the issues we will be discussing are:

  • What are the misunderstandings around pre-prints and the standard publication process?
  • Why are pre-prints more popular in some fields (e.g. astronomy, physics) than others?
  • Should we peer-review pre-prints? If not, how do we indicate that the research data is only preliminary?
  • What best practices should be used when publishing scientific research?

Joining us for the discussion:

  • Meagan Phelan, executive director of AAAS’s Science Press Package
  • Richard Sever, co-founder of bioRxiv


5:30 Gather for food and mingling at the American Chemical Society

6:00 Discussion starts

7:30 It’s a wrap!

Eventbrite - ScioDC #17: Pre-prints, embargoes, and science publishing

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