ScioDC #16: Crowdfunding–for science!

The Storify of this event is available here.

Links from last night’s event:

As anyone involved in fundraising can attest, getting people to donate money for a cause is a challenge. Even the most well-known charities and non-profit organizations struggle to come up with creative ways that can motivate stakeholders to fund an idea or program. However, the recent popularity of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe suggests that donor-driven, ground-level campaigns are indeed viable options for raising enough money to support programmatic needs. But can this same approach be applied to obtaining financial support for scientific research?

At our next ScioDC event on Monday, October 24, from 5:30-7:30 PM, we’ll examine the use of crowdfunding for science. We’ll look at how crowdfunding works and discuss strategies for success. We will also examine what to do if your campaign doesn’t work or fails to meet your goals. Our discussion will feature panelists who have had a wide range of experiences with crowdfunding:


5:30 Gather for food and mingling

6:00 Discussion starts

7:30 It’s a wrap!

Use the link below to register. Be sure to tell your friends!

Eventbrite - ScioDC #16: Crowdfunding--for science!


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