ScioDC #13: Who Are You? Anonymous Expertise

The Storify of this event is now available! Or you can watch the whole thing if you’re so inclined.

At our October gathering for ScienceOnlineDC, we talked about the power and pitfalls of being an expert and/or relying on experts in the social media universe. But how do you trust an “expert” when they’re anonymous? As an expert, are there benefits to remaining anonymous? How do you establish your credibility if you are only known to the world through your pseudonym?

Please join us, along with Chemjobber and Bethany Brookshire (aka Scicurious), on Wednesday, Dec. 2, from 5:30-7:30 PM as we explore these questions about anonymous online personas.

Our two panelists have unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of anonymity. Chemjobber blogs about the chemistry job market. You won’t find out his identity at our event, but the duck will make an appearance via video conference. Bethany used to be known only as Scicurious but revealed her identity a few years ago. She is now a writer at Science News and Eureka! Lab.

And if you have used or currently use a pseudonym, please join in the conversation! 


5:30  Gather for pizza and refreshments

6:00  Discussion starts

7:30  Wrap up and head into winter hibernation

See you there!

Eventbrite - ScioDC #13: Who are you? Anonymous Expertise


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