ScioDC #12: Who’s an expert?

The Storify of this event is now available!

Expert analysis and opinion are central to science communication, from peer review of research to policy development to public outreach to media reporting. And social media opens a direct channel of communication between experts and the public. But… what does it really mean to be an “expert”? In social media engagement, we are often left to define, communicate, and sometimes defend our own expertise.

At the next ScioDC, we’ll talk about the power and pitfalls of being an expert and/or relying on experts in the social media universe, such as:

  • How expertise is defined in different arenas (e.g., journalism, policy, outreach)
  • How we signal our expertise and establish credibility
  • How we identify and verify experts
  • What responsibilities we have when we present ourselves as experts
  • How we build, promote, and support diverse networks of experts

We have folks from Capitol Hill, national media outlets and local universities joining us. Hope to see you there, too! 

Thanks to our guest organizers, Gretchen Goldman (@gretchenTG) and Melissa Vaught (@biochembelle)!

Eventbrite - ScioDC #12- What makes an expert?


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