ScioDC #11: The Powers and Limitations of #socialgov: Social Media and Government Scientists

Many science communicators worry about how our social media use might impact our professional image. This issue is particularly acute at federal scientific agencies, whose employees must maintain a fine balance between sharing their opinions and adhering to official government policy. So what can the online scientific community do to help promote increased engagement from federal employees on social media?

Join us for our next ScioDC event on Wednesday July 22 at 6 PM as we discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of being a scientist on social media who works for a federal agency, a topic we covered at our very first event back in 2013. We’ll hear from Gretchen Goldman (@GretchenTG), who will discuss an updated report from the Union of Concerned Scientists that grades 17 federal agencies on their social media policies, and analyzes how these policies have changed (for better or worse) since the initial UCS report was published two years ago. What are the best and worst agencies when it comes to allowing their scientists to freely speak on social media? How do agencies differ in their use of social media?

Following the presentation, we will have a robust discussion of the challenges and opportunities of government scientists on social media. We are especially interested in hearing from scientists at federal agencies who are active on social media, so come and bring a friend! This event will be a great opportunity to introduce your colleagues to the world of online science communication.

Read the 2013 and 2015 UCS reports.

As always, ScioDC is free to attend. Click here to register:

Eventbrite - ScioDC #11: The Powers and Limitations of #socialgov: Social Media and Government Scientists


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