ScioDC #7: Videos and #scicomm

The Storify of this event is now available!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? From time-lapse microscopy to TED talks to the ever-growing litany of parody songs, videos are providing scientists an unparalleled opportunity to bring science to the masses. Yet as the art of film-making transitions from hokey educational videos to slick, Madison Avenue-style productions, it is important to consider how effective this medium is for communicating science to a broad audience.

At our next ScienceOnlineDC event on Wednesday, October 8, from 5:30-7:30 PM, we will (literally) take a look at how videos can be used to communicate science. Our discussion will focus on the pros and cons of using videos, effective techniques and tips for making and promoting a great video, and different examples of science-based videos.

We’ll have Adam Dylewski of the ACS Reactions series of chemistry videos on hand to share his advice on dos and don’ts for video production. But even more than our previous events, we also need you to provide the content and insight for discussion. If you have a great, good, or even less-than-stellar video that you or your organization has produced, share it with us using the form below. We’ll have the videos queued up and ready to play, so come prepared to say a little something about yours before the group provides constructive feedback.

UPDATE: Folks from Smithsonian, AAAS, Society for Neuroscience, NSF, and ScienceNews have already offered up both their videos and expertise. Keep ’em coming!

You provide the videos, we’ll provide the popcorn. A good discussion and time will be had by all. See you there!


5:30 Gather for pizza and refreshments

6:00 Video viewing and discussion starts

7:30 Wrap up and head to DCSciTweetUp at Irish Whiskey Public House

Eventbrite - ScioDC #7: Videos and #scicomm


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