ScioDC #6: Blogs and #scicomm

Discussing the Effectiveness of Blogs for Online Science Communication

The Storify of this event is now available!

From budding writers on WordPress to seasoned journalists on professional networks, bloggers continue to greatly contribute more voices and information to scientific discussions online. But how effective are blogs in spreading scientific information?

Come to ScienceOnlineDC on Wednesday, July 16, from 5:30-7:30 PM for an interactive discussion on how blogs are enhancing online science communication. Our aim will to be to discuss not only blogs and their content, but also the platforms used to spread the content contained in these blogs beyond typical discussion circles.

The event will feature Matthew Francis (@DrMRFrancis), author of Galileo’s Pendulum, and Rachel Feltman (@RachelFeltman), author of the Washington Post’s upcoming science blog. They will discuss their experiences with blogs and blog platforms, including why they started blogging, the positives and negatives, and how they chose the tools they use. As usual, our event will be arranged in a town-hall setting that encourages open participation and discussion, so bring your own blogging tales and advice.


5:30 Gather for pizza and refreshments

6:00 Discussion starts

7:30 Wrap up and head to DCSciTweetUp at Irish Whiskey Public House

Eventbrite - ScioDC #6: Blogs and #scicomm

Be sure to follow the ScienceOnlineDC (@ScioDC) organizers on Twitter:


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